Nick is a writer by hobby.  He’s hoping to someday ply his hobby to profession.  At some point in his career, he’d also like to be able to write the About Me section of his webpage without feeling self-serving or snooty.

He’s been writing since the first grade, but never really enjoyed it until the waning years of his college career.  His writing started as solely narrative nonfiction, but he’s started using fiction as a way of writing when he can’t find anything interesting to write about in his life.

When people ask Nick if he’s married or has kids, he responds with, “No, but I have a cat.”  Sometimes he writes about his cat here, but because he is afraid that she reads this webpage, it’s usually more tame and includes less gore than what actually transpired.

He writes as much as possible.  His idols include David Sedaris and Raymond Carver and Stephenie Meyer.

One for his humor, the next for his story telling, and the last for her ability to polish a turd and call it a pearl.