This is a story told a little differently.  I wanted to create characters and a conflict using nothing but voicemail messages.

9:36am June 1st, 1998 from Pie

Hey Olivia, just wanted to let you know the cat’s outside.  I tried everything you said, but nothing seemed to work.  The little bastard ran from me when walked towards him.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know, maybe you can get him in during your lunch break.  He never did like me.

Love ya, babe.

3:32pm August 5th, 1998 from Pie

Hey, honey!  I just wanted to leave a voicemail to let you know I’m going out with a couple of the guys after work.  I might be home a little late, so don’t wait up for me.

Love you!

10:06am January 1st, 1999 from Pie

Hey, I just got an email from the bank, our joint account is about to be overdrawn.  Can you swing by the ATM and put in a couple hundred?  I’ll rebalance it once the paycheck comes through this Friday.  Oh and I talked with the bank teller and got those charges dropped off the account.  New cards will be coming in this week, with our beautiful faces on them so hopefully when I inevitably misplace mine someone won’t be able to use it.

OK, Love you, babe.

7:56pm February 14th, 1999 from Pie

Olivia, answer the phone.  I know you’re there…  Can we talk please?  Let me explain myself.  I love you.  Nothing has changed.

8:02 pm February 14th, 1999 from Pie

Are you not going to let me give my piece?  I don’t know what Anne told you but she misunderstood.  It just looked bad, OK?  I’ll admit it, but nothing happened.  Just a couple of coworkers having a drink is all.

Please call me back, I love you.

8:06pm  February 14th, 1999 from Pie

I can explain the credit card payments, and yes I bought some lingerie, but it was supposed to be a surprise for you.  I know you don’t like it, I’m not sure what I was thinking, you know me.  Sometimes I get drunk and order shit online, I guess I ordered the wrong size too.

8:11pm February 14th, 1999 from Pie

I don’t know what Anne’s deal is, maybe she’s jealous of us or something but that lying bitch—I’m sorry.  I’m just wound up.  It’s nothing.  There’s nothing, so please please just call me back.

I love you.

8:14pm February 14th, 1999 from Pie

Really?  This is what you’re going to do?  Give me the silent treatment?  I’m your fiancé, at least give me some respect and ANSWER THE PHONE.  I always knew Anne was jealous but GOD to stoop the level of lying!  It’s making my skin crawl.

8:27pm February 14th, 1999 from Pie

This is fucking ridiculous, it’s been four days and you’ve changed the locks?!  You can’t lock me out of my own fucking house.  OLIVIA! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME UP THERE.  OPEN THIS SHIT UP OR I’LL BREAK THIS FUCKING DOOR DOWN, I SWEAR TO GOD. I CAN SEE A LIGHT ON UP—

7:12am February 18th, 1999 from Jenny

Olivia, it’s Jenny.  I am so sorry, let me know when a good time is to come and visit.  I’d love to stop by and bring some flowers.

12:21pm February 21st, 1999 from Christy

Hey Olivia, when are visiting hours?  While you may have morals, I do not: I’m more than willing to smuggle one or twenty margaritas into that hospital, guidelines be damned!

Love ya, girl.  Be strong.

3:57pm February 22nd, 1999  from Trent Tenebaum

Olivia, this is Mr. Tenebaum.  If you still want to press charges, call me when you’ve got a moment.  My number is (875)433-2323, it’s my direct line but if I can’t answer Mara our secretary will take a message and I’ll call once I’m out of session.  Take your time, we’ve got what we need, so just focus on recovery.  Talk to you soon.

4:02pm February 25th, 1999 from Christy

You’re out!  I heard down the grapevine that this weekend was your last in that sterile, awful place.  Call me back, girl, we need to get a couple of drinks to celebrate!  Talk to you later!

11:22am March 14th, 1999  from Pops

Hey Daught, this is your  dad, I guess you probably know that, huh?  Your mother and I were just talking about you and realized we hadn’t talked to you in a while.  Call us back!  We’d love to hear your voice and how things are going.  Any boys in your—ow!  OK your mother is hitting me and making faces, I should probably hang up.  We love you so much!

1:32am May 2nd, 1999  from Unlisted

I can’t believe you did this to me.  Pressing charges?!  I apologized.  It was an accident, but just like Anne you wouldn’t believe me.  That girl meant nothing to me, I don’t even remember her name.  Why can’t you understand?!  I just want to grab you by the neck and shake it into you.  That came out wrong.  Just call me, OK?  I want to talk with you.  Remember your nickname for me?  I’m still sweet as pie, just give me a chance.

3:47am May 2nd, 1999  from Unlisted

You’re going to pay for this.  TALK TO ME.

5:37pm May 3rd, 1999  from Unknown number

Ms. Owen, this is Officer Banks—you must have stepped to the bathroom or something – just wanted to let you know we’re in the car across the street.  I’ll try calling in a few minutes.

2:29pm May 5th, 1999  from Trent Tenebaum

Olivia, this is Mr. Tenebaum again, sorry I just wanted to add one more thing after the conversation.  I know this is going to sound insensitive, but that was the best thing that could have happened for your case.   His second attempt shows that he will repeat his violence, so the jury will not be lenient.  As always, call if you have any questions:   (875)433-2323

6:51pm May 31st, 1999  from Unknown Number

Olivia!  I heard your back in town!  Moving in the mom and dad, huh?  It’s ok, it happens to the best of us.  That whole free rent thing is pretty cool, too.  Lets grab coffee or a drink.  Oh and this is Jenny, I got a new number soooooo… yeah.  OK, bye.

10:49am September 30th, 1999  from Christy

Girl.  I am sitting at the New Delhi Deli right now and there is this hunk (I’m not sure why I just used that word, I never use it).  He’s just about fifteen feet from me.  I’m going to send you a picture.  I don’t see a wedding ring.

10:51am September 30th, 1999  from Christy

Did you get that photo?  I hope so, I paid dearly for it with my dignity.  I forgot to turn off the flash and sound so he looked up to see me sneaking a picture of him.  Awkward.  I had to leave the shop, so now I’m standing outside with a half-eaten sandwich talking with an answering machine…

I miss you, Olivia.  I’m sorry those things happened to you, and if you want to talk I’m here for you.  Love ya, girl.

4:53pm February 14th, 2000  from Trent Tenebaum

Hello, Olivia, I just wanted to follow up on the hearing.   I’ll fill you in on the details but its good: twenty-five years for attempted murder in the second degree without possibility of parole, you were right to check the voicemails, the jury ate it up.  This is great news.  Anyway, I wanted to let you know.  Call if you have any questions: (875)433-2323

2:13am May 29th, 2000  from Christy



This is Christy.

-SHE KNOWS THAT!  Who else would call her at two in the morning?!

Shut up, Jenny, I’m trying to talk to Olivia.

-Her answering machine more like.  We love you, Olivia!

The bitch is drunk, but she’s right, yeah.

-I’m not a bitch.

Yes, you are.

-I accept that.

Of course you do, you’re wasted.

-I accept that, too.

We just wanted to call and say we miss you!  We’re thinking of you all the time, even when we’re blackout drunk.

-Come drink with us!

Bye, girl!

9:28pm  July 13th, 2000  from Christy

Hey, where are you?  We’re at the Peacock, are you running late?  We said 8 o’clock, right?  Anyway, can’t wait to see you!

8:53pm July 23rd, 2000  from Christy

Hey girl!  I’m gonna head home, it’s no problem, just let me know if and when you want to hang out.  I’d love to stop by your parent’s house and check it out.  (Parents always have the best booze cabinets).  I’d talk to yo—did you get a haircut?  Wait is… oh my god you di—

2:09pm July 24th, 2000  from Christy

I just had to call this morning and describe to you the situation I’m dealing with:  It’s currently 2pm, I just woke up about thirty minutes ago, and I’m walking downtown with a terrible, horrible, disgusting AND delicious New York Hotdog.  Chili, cheese, and enough mustard to drown a toddler.   I’m wearing sunglasses even though its raining.  I feel like shit.  But damn, I had a great time last night!  It was just like old times.  Any word from Cohen?  Probably not, three-day rule and such. Call me, or don’t, I love you either way!  Bye!

11:57am July 26th, 2000  from Unknown number

Hey, ummm, I’m really bad at this.  Leaving voicemails is against the rules, right?  Well… shit.  I should probably stop talking but instead I’m just gonna keep talking and hope you find this awkwardly funny.  This is Cohen, from the other night.  I, uhh, just wanted to say I had a great time!  You’re friend…Christy?  Man, she’s a ball of energy.  And an endless maw when it comes to booze.  Anyway, I thought –think— you’re great.  If you have made it this far in the voicemail, you must either like me or pity me.  I’ll take either, I’m not picky.  Call me if you want to grab some lunch sometime!  My number is (971)229-6245.

7:07am August 1st, 2000  from Christy

HOW DID IT GO!? I NEED DETAILS, OLIVIA!  D-E-T-A-L-E-S.  I think I just spelled that wrong, SHIT I DON’T CARE!  I’m so excited, you better be away from the phone because you’re all cuddled up with Mr. Handsome.


9:30am February 14th, 2002  from Cohen

Hey, Mrs. Pike, this is your husband speaking.  I just wanted to let you know, Bobby is back inside.  I know, I know, I’m amazing.  I’ll pause for a moment and take in the applause… thank you, thank you.  I’ll have you know, it only took me two hours, three cans of tuna and a fish net.  Our neighbors probably thought I was trying to coax in a child with catfood… Why did you name your cat Bobby, again?  Anyway, I love you.  I miss you and I hope your first day is going great!

Oh and I’ll see you tonight.   I got reservations at Marco’s, can you believe it’s been a year already?  I’m going to hang up now, I’m sure this voicemail is going to take up your entire lunch break; I never was very good at leaving messages.

Love you, bye!