I’m bad at doing things on time; the more positive part of me wants to say I’m good at being bad at doing things on time.  I’m so good at being bad at it, that it almost feels like a sort of super power, like somehow, someday I’ll need it.  Some sort of demigod, brother of Zeus or something, will come down to earth.  He’ll smite everyone down with deadlines, organizational skills and efficient use of time.  But I, I will stand as the last bastion of hope for mankind. Actually, I’ll probably sit.   I’ll still be in my PJ’s too, at like, noon.  I’ll laugh heartily as I defeat him with my lasso of procrastination and gauntlets of “maybe later.”  The world would praise my inability to grow up.  They’ll sing songs of my prolonged adolescents and retell the tales of Nick’s Indifference.

Until that happens, however, I’m stuck with being a below average doer.  I’ve accepted it, but I don’t think it’s part of my character.  I’ve accepted it, the same way an alcoholic accepts their addiction; I want to change that part of me.  I don’t want to be forty-five years old and still using my dryer as a dresser.  I don’t want my sink to become impromptu biology experiments.  I don’t want to still be wearing Tshirts from middle school (yes some of them still fit).  I want to grow up.  What better time than the New Year?  Many people believe that January is a month of change, of growth.   If that’s the case, that would make February the month of discarded goals and reassuring thoughts of, “I’m fine the way I am.”

Well that’s not going to be me.  To start, I want to write more.  That’s something I can do here. I want to post something here at least once a week.  I have accepted I can’t write like this style all the time, like what you’re reading.  Everything I’ve posted in the past has been like this, blogesque.  I have a hard time coming up with material, hence the six month absence.  So I’ve invested in Writing Prompts.   I’ll be posting here at least once a week with something, anything really.  Some of it may be like my previous writing, while others may be short stories.  If it’s a short story I’ll be sure to post the prompt.

I realize I’m doing something stupid.  By posting this ‘resolution’ I’m having all of you, all twelve of my readers, hold me accountable.  If I don’t do this, I’ll look really dumb.  Or maybe I’ll just look like the usual Nick, it’s kind of what I’m afraid of.

But I think I can prove myself wrong.